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All the times the 183 cm (6’0”)  titan Makoto Tachibana hid behind his 175 cm (5’9”) boyfriend Haruka Nanase

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Now you can run over your enemies with half naked guys.
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This makes me extremely content.

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Ultra Music Festival 2014 - Day 1

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I’ll keep it short! I would soon have an extra DVD copy of HUNTER x HUNTER : The Last Mission, I also have an extra copy of Kurapika Tsuiokuhen Vol. 0 lying around and a silk poster of this image. All three are up for grabs!

Three winners! Three items to choose from! Three things you can do to increase your chance of winning; reblog, like, and/or drop by and leave your tumblr username on my [[livestream]] of the RAW movie when I get my copies! 

Tune in for updates on when I will stream either by following netero on tumblr or meikun on livestream. The livestream will be held at least two times depending on viewer turnout, and each time you can leave your username once.

Usernames will be painstakingly written down on a sticky note and drawn in lots. First drawn username will get to choose from all three items, second chooses from leftovers, and third gets the last free item.

Will ship worldwide, unless proven problematic. Giveaway ends on August 3rd! GOGOGOGOGO!

Ah, I almost forgot, the DVD is region coded so if your player is region locked you won’t be able to play and watch it (but u can remove the region lock on ur player anyways so…), also the DVD is first press meaning it will come with bonus goodies too, so it is still worth owning!

Alright hunters, now it’s seriously go time! Good luck! 

Reminding everyone that the DVD & BLURAY release is on July 23rd, a week from now! (as of July 16th)
If you want any of the three items above reblog reblog reblog!

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